Chante Stoeckley

Chante Stoeckley received her Bachelors Degree in Special and Elementary Education from Montana State University in Billings, Montana. After that, she taught special education in the Edmonds School District, designing a program for children with Autism, while completing her Master's Degree in Education, focusing on low incidence disabilities at the University of Washington.


Later, she supervised the Early Intervention classroom at the Applied Behavior Consultants School in Sacramento, California, while completing the requirements to be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She spent three years as a teacher and behavior analyst at the Academy for Precision Learning, where she created fully inclusive classrooms where children, with and without disabilities, met their individualized goals, side by side. She currently is a Program Supervisor at Maxim Behavioral Health, where she supervises behavior analytic programs to teach new skills and decrease challenging behaviors in homes and in schools. When she is not working to improve the lives of children with disabilities, she enjoys learning languages, traveling.