Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin received her Bachelors Degree in Family and Child Development: DaycareAdministration/Early Childhood Education from Virginia Polytechnic University and State University in Virginia. 


She taught 8 years in a general education kindergarten classroom in Baltimore, Maryland before getting her Masters Degree from Loyola College in Maryland in the area of Early Childhood Special Education specializing in children with disabilities birth to age five.   She started her 15 year special education career teaching a pilot program for 4 years in a self-contained behavior support program for pre-school and kindergarten students.   Jennifer has work for Edmonds School District in Lynnwood, Washington since the fall of 2006. 


During this time she has taught at the developmental pre-school, developmental kindergarten and the Primary Intensive Support Program serving children who present with significant cognitive delays, impactful behaviors, nonverbal or ineffective communication skills.  Jennifer became a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in 2010 with the title of Exceptional Needs Specialist: Early Childhood/Young Adult (ENS/ECYA)  Jennifer lives in Edmonds, Washington with her husband, Les and son Conner.