Julieta Altamirano Crosby

Julieta Altamirano Crosby, PhD. 

Dr. Julieta Crosby is an ambitious advocate with 20+ years of experience working for the Hispanic. She is a native bilingual Spanish speaker and published author.  Julieta currently holds a Doctorate in Social Communication and a Master of Communication Science with a focus on Education and Community Communication. 

She has served the Mexican community in Washington in after school programs, adult education, and immigrant advocacy where she has built strategic relationships with other community-based organizations, academic institutions, and agencies. Dr. Julieta has a long track record of positive collaboration and relationship building in educational and government settings both in Washington, United States and Guerrero, Mexico. Dr. Julieta effectively organizes and manages resources through event planning, and media coverage, raising awareness of Hispanic community issues, influence policy and services to support families to improve academic success by building a strong cultural awareness for the Hispanic community with an emphasis on traditional arts and culture, she utilizes her experiences in developing and implementing programs for the Mexican immigrant community.


Dr. Altamirano-Crosby was the Director of Latino Enrollment for Catholic Schools at the Archdiocese of Seattle in Washington State. In this roll, she was involved in research projects about Latinos in Education in Washington State. Dr. Altamirano-Crosby was selected to be a presenter for the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) convention and Expo, San Diego, CA in March 2016. She was a co-presenter at the annual Washington Education Research Association (WERA) conference on the topic Community Engagement in Seattle, WA in December 2016.  As a Latino Field consultant, she is extraordinarily passionate about education, which includes researching the association between a family’s background and the graduation rates of Latino / Hispanic students in Washington.