Maria Casey

Maria G. Casey is a native of Puebla, Mexico. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Universidad Femenina de Mexico in Mexico City. She also received a Dipolme’ de Maitre de Formation de Pebeo in Art from Provence, France.


Maria started her own Interior Design business, and at the same time worked for TV Azteca, teaching art on the popular television show, “Manos a la Hobra”. She also worked as a Project Art Coordinator on different magazines for 13 years.

Most recently, she is serving as an Art Instructor for schools in the Seattle Archdiocese. She currently works with approximately 180 students on a weekly basis in grades 2-8. Her focus is on teaching and working with them, so that they can experience all types of art forms. Her emphasis is on the reuse and recycling of everyday materials.


Maria is an avid and professional painter and has done a variety of murals that are displayed locally. Most notable is one mural located in a local restaurant that is more than a hundred feet long. Several others are located in private homes.

Maria has been with the WAGRO Foundation for 4 years, and her involvement has grown out of a love of working with and for children’s causes. It is so that they may gain, apart from an appreciation of art, an understanding of their culture and an awareness of their identity.